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Upload Tax Documents with Tax Pass App

Getting your taxes done by a skilled tax professional has never been so convenient.   Have the

TaxPass you can start your return process now, upload personal information, upload and submit W-2s and other supporting documents within a matter of minutes.  This is done all in a secure environment that protects your important data.

1.  Download now from the Apple Store or Google Play.


2.  Tap the Register button

3. Enter your email, create a password, and scan the QR code below next to “Mobile App ID”

Monticello Baton Rouge, LA Location – FYLIIPSR

Burnside Gonzales, LA Location – ET22MSXH

Houston, TX Location – 0WEKH4N3

4. Tap the Register button

5. Complete the account verification and tap Start A New Return

After successfully uploading documents to Eagle Eye Tax Solutions,  a representative will contact you to confirm receipt and finalize your tax return.  For any questions regarding the use of this app, contact our office at (225) 925-8298.