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Taxpayer Representation

Save Yourself, Don’t Go In Alone

  • Facing IRS col­lection action or an IRS audit?
  • IRS asking for tons of documents?
  • Have your received a requests an in-per­son IRS examination?
  • Need assistance with an appeal of any collection or exami­nation?

It’s wise to get an Enrolled Agent Expert on your side.

Our Enrolled Agents are authorized by IRS to represent taxpayers before IRS.  Through representation clients will have a guide through the entire process, and someone authorized to speak on his or her behalf (and in his or her place if selected) and ensure the matter is settled fairly. Enrolled agents are authorized by IRS to represent taxpayers before IRS; prepare the tax re­turns of individuals, partnerships, corporations, estates, trusts and any other entity with tax reporting require­ments.