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The Income Tax School is the industry leader for tax preparation training. Through the Income Tax School, we educate and train aspiring tax professionals on complicated tax issues; to properly provide the service taxpayers are seeking.  We offer both English and Spanish curriculum to equip students with the skills and support necessary to handle challenging and emerging tax issues.

Comprehensive Tax Course

The course is designed to qualify individuals or employment as tax professionals. The

course is also great for those who want to understand their tax situation better or want to learn to save on their own taxes. Although employment is not required or guaranteed, the course is EE’s main source of entry-level tax associates.

For a low cost, this course will give you a solid foundation in individual tax preparation, enabling you to complete all standard returns. With this knowledge, you can earn extra money as a tax professional as early as the upcoming tax season.

The program consists of 60-hours of Instruction.

Topics Include:

– Basic Tax Forms & Requirements

– W-2 & 1099 Forms Filing Status

– Exemptions & Dependents

– Earned Income Tax Credit

– Child Care & Tax Credits

– Education Deductions & Credits

– Other Income

– Individual Retirements Accounts

– Adjustments to Income

– Electronic Filing

– Moving Expenses

– Employee Business Expenses

– Standard & Itemized Deductions

– Tax-Savings Ideas

– Self-employment Schedules

– Rental Property

– Capital Gains & Losses

– Interest