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A few reasons to choose Eagle Eye

Free Consultation – No obligations, come in for your free consultation session to discuss your tax situation and we’ll propose the best plan of action for you..

Accuracy Guarantee – Our offices will give you the most accurate return and the largest possible refund, or work to find more deductions or breaks to lower your tax liability.  Your tax return will be double checked for accuracy so you are less likely to be audited by the IRS.

Audit Assistance – If the IRS audits you for a return we prepared, we will accompany you through the audit process to offer assistance by explaining our methods of income tax preparatio

Peace of mind –  Relax and leave the complexity of your taxes to Eagle Eye Tax Solutions.  We’re equipped with a team of experts that know taxes.

Confidentiality – At Eagle Eye Tax Solutions, we value the privacy of your vital information.  We have extreme precautionary procedures in place to secure your personal documents.

Convenience – Whether you schedule an appointment or take advantage of the convenience of secure file transfer, encrypted email, phone appointment, fax or drop off service.