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Protect Your Identity with an Identity Protection PIN (IP PIN)

By Shanta on January 30, 2015 in Featured, Federal Resources, Individuals, Resources, Tax Advice

Do you live in Georgia, Florida or District of Columbia then you are eligible to get an (IP PIN) to PROTECT YOUR IDENTITY.

As part of an ongoing pilot program, all taxpayers who filed federal returns last year from Georgia, Florida or the District of Columbia are eligible for an Identity Protection PIN (IP PIN) that will help protect them from tax-related identity theft. These states were chosen for the pilot because they have higher levels of tax-related identity theft. To opt into the program, taxpayers who qualify should visit to register and create an account. Taxpayers must also verify their identity as part of the process. You can get an IP PIN immediately even if you plan to file later in the year.

Eligibility for this program does not mean the taxpayers are already victims of identity theft. The main purpose of the program is to add an additional layer of protection to taxpayers who live in areas where tax-related identity theft is more prevalent. For more information visit the IRS IP PIN page.

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