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Planning for the Advanced Premium Tax Credit

If you want to be considered for financial assistance, including advance premium tax credits (“APTC”) or cost sharing reductions (CSRs), you must file taxes. Filing taxes is a requirement to get APTC.

During the Affordable Care enrollment process, if you want to be considered for APTC / CSR, you will need to file taxes for 2014, even if you have not filed taxes in the past.

If you do not indicate that you will file taxes for 2014, you will be determined ineligible for APTC because the consumer will have attested on their application to being a non-filer (not filing taxes for 2014).

This information is important for all applicants.  When filling out the application, please make sure that you express that you will file taxes by checking “Yes”.  Question 6 on page 2 asks, “Do you plan to file a federal income tax return NEXT YEAR?” If the consumer wants to be considered for APTC/CSR, they should check “yes” here.