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Identity Protection PIN (IP PIN) For All

The IRS has now expanded the IP PIN application process to taxpayers that would like to take a proactive approach to protect their identity.  Previously, this system has been available to individuals that were victims of identity theft.  The expansion to all individuals is an opt-in program to voluntarily receive an IP PIN. The expanded initiative is part of the Security Summit effort between the IRS, state tax agencies, and the tax preparation industry.

o obtain an IP PIN, beginning in mid-January 2021, taxpayers can go to the tool, which the IRS says is the preferred method, as it is the only one that immediately reveals the PIN to the taxpayer. The online tool employs Secure Access authentication, which uses several methods to verify a person’s identity.

Taxpayers with either a Social Security number or an individual tax identification number who can verify their identity are eligible for the opt-in program. Any primary taxpayer (first on the tax return), secondary taxpayer (second on the tax return), or dependent may obtain an IP PIN if he or she can pass the identity proof requirements.

The IP PIN is valid for one year. The taxpayer must obtain a newly generated IP PIN every January. Like current IP PIN participants, a new number is issued for each filing season.  Taxpayers that have previously been in the program are currently receiving their new 2021 Filing Season IP PIN.  Those that have not received it yet, should be monitoring their mail delivery.  It will be mailed to the address of the taxpayers last filed return.

For more information or to apply for an IP PIN, visit the IRS Site here…