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Huge Tax Savings with a Mid Year Checkup by Eagle Eye Tax Solutions

It’s the time of year for a checkup on your tax health. How are you looking for 2019? Opened a new business? Paying too little, not paying enough? Life changing events? Considering buying or selling taxable assets? Won the Lottery? Contact Eagle Eye Tax Solutions, Inc to schedule a Complimentary Review of your Business and Individual Tax Situation. July 1st – 15th. Learn More at (225) 925-8298

Why a Mid-Year CheckUp?
The value of a Mid-Year CheckUp is to receive a complimentary review of your projected tax situation for the current tax year.  This innovative service has proven to help our individual & business clients save lots of time and money on taxes, while assuring their compliance in meeting the taxing agencies requirements. We will evaluate several factors that may impact your tax liability and provide recommendations to place you in the best tax savings position based on your particular situation. #BeProactive #BeWise #BeEvaluated#BeOrganized #BeTaxCheckUpSmart #BeEagleEyeTaxSolutionsReady

Schedule your free checkup July 1st – July 15th at (225) 925-8298 or contact us online.