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IRS Backlog of 35 Million Tax returns

Still waiting on your tax return to be processed?   Rather individual or business returns, you’re definitely not alone.   About 35 million federal tax returns are still waiting to processed.  If you’re amongst these numbers, it does not mean that something is wrong with your return.  It merely is a return that require a manual process that’s in line with over millions of others.

We advise taxpayers to watch the mailbox for possible correspondence from the IRS.  In the event that action is needed by the taxpayer, the IRS will communicate by US postal mail request.   Even if you electronically filed, allow up to 6 months for processing, if no feedback, contact them at 1-800-829-1040 to get a status.   Be prepared with a copy of the tax return in hand and activate your patience, as hold times are extremely long.

If you have  un-filed or previously filed prior year returns, the wait can be much longer.   Once you’ve confirmed that the return has been submitted, the next step is lots of patience.

Taxpayers that request a Payment Installment Plan with the 2020 return, do not wait on the IRS to  approve it to start making payments.  Begin making payments immediately here   More information on tax return processing here.